Bricasti Headphone Output Option for M3 DAC

£679.00 (inc. VAT)

Designed for the M3 DAC, Bricasti present a fully differential headphone option which can be installed by a straightforward retrofit process.

In their own words, Bricasti developed the M3 with “discerning headphone aficionados” in mind. Independent analogue amplifiers are included for both plus and minus outputs via XLR to serve a fully balanced headphones system.

The M3 Headphone Option requires factory installation by Bricasti – for availability or to arrange an upgrade, contact our service department.

Main Features

  • 1x 4-pin balanced XLR output
  • 1x 6.35mm unbalanced output
  • Bricasti M3 DAC sold separately
  • Requires factory fitting