Bricasti M20 Dual Mono Preamplifier

£13,499.00 (inc. VAT)

M20 is a dual mono preamp that inherits many powerful analogue design features from Bricasti’s M12 source controller.

Purity Of Sound

Built with fully differential audio paths, the M20 produces a rich, tonally balanced audio experience thanks to independent channel buffering – similar to that used in the M1, M12 and M21 models – and its superior isolation.
Under the hood Bricasti have included ceramic circuitry, no fewer than three dynamic linear transformers – all Class A, and their own proprietary resistor ladder attenuation technology (stepped in 1dB increments).
The discrete all-discrete ladder design utilises specially selected Vishay foil resistors which Bricasti believe give a unique tonal quality and thus make up a big part of the M20’s character.
Concise Connectivity
The rear of the M20 features three analogue outputs comprised of two XLR and two RCA connections to accommodate both balanced and unbalanced applications.
One linear power supply is dedicated to each individual output section, ensuring isolation from the analogue PCB and resulting in a fully Class-A operational design.

Total Control

Asides from remote control capabilities via the included handset, M20 can also serve as an external power trigger via the 5V DC voltage output. Power amps such as the M28 or DACs like the M21 can therefore easily be powered up or down in tandem when the M20 is turned on or off.

Main Features

  • Dual mono preamplifier
  • Class A transformer design
  • Ceramic circuitry
  • Proprietary all-discrete resistor ladder
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • Remote control included
  • 5V trigger output


Inputs:  2x XLR balanced, 1x RCA unbalanced
Outputs:  2x XLR balanced, 1x RCA unbalanced
Trigger:  TRS mini jack, 5V ring, ground Bp


THD: 0.0007% 20-20k typical
Max Input Level:  +20 dbu Balanced
Max Output Level:  +23 dbu Balanced, +16 dbu unbalanced
Input Impedance:  200k ohm
Crosstalk:  > 120db
Attenuator:  90 db in 1 db steps from 0 to -89db