Bricasti M5 Network Interface Media Renderer

£2,699.00 (inc. VAT)

The M5 from Bricasti is a network interface and media renderer compatible with both wired LAN configurations and WiFi. The unit delivers pristine lossless audio from network to DAC no matter what the location in your setup. S/PDIF and AES output connectivity is also available supporting sample rates up to 192k PCM, DSD 64 and DSD 128 over USB.

Main Features

  • Both wireless and wired network compatible
  • DNLA and ROON ready
  • Multiple output format connectivity
  • Linear power supply identical to that of the M1 DAC
  • Chassis solidly milled from aluminium


Inputs:  Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Outputs: AES, standard SPDIF, RCA or optional 75 ohm BNC up to 192k PCM and DSD 64. DSD 128 & DXD over USB
Trigger In:  250ma
Trigger Out:  12V
Physical Properties
Finish:  Anodized Aluminum
Weight:  2.3kg
Shipping Weight:  2.7kg


Mains:  100, 120, 220, 230, 240 VAC (50 Hz – 60 Hz)