DS-E1 Optical Cartridge and Equalizer

£2,420.00 (inc. VAT)

The DS-E1 has a wire suspension mechanism which is the same design as the DS Master 1 and DS-W2 and DS002. Like the more expensive DS Audio cartridges, the DS-E1 cartridge body is machined from aluminium and echoes their distinctive design for the best optical performance. It features an aluminium cantilever and elliptical needle to accurately reproduce the music recorded on the vinyl record.

The DS-E1 equalizer employs an operational amplifier at the heart of its amplification circuit, greatly reducing the number of components required. This allows for an extremely compact form factor whilst still offering the world leading performance you have come to expect from DS Audio.

The DS-E1 features precision machined aluminium casework, an element it shares in common with its illustrious stablemates. Each DS-E1 is manufactured by hand in DS Audio’s facility in Sagamihara City.

DS-E1 Optical Cartridge

Signal Output Photo-electric Conversion
Channel Separation 24db or more (1KHz)
Weight 8.1g
Cantilever Aluminium
Body material Aluminium
Needle Pressure 1.6g-1.8g (1.7g is recommended)
Stylus Elliptical Needle

DS-E1 Equalizer for Optical Cartridge

Output voltage 500mV (1KHz)
Output impedance 120Ω
Preamp input impedance More than 10KΩ
Input terminal RCA terminal
Output terminal RCA terminal
Size W20cmxH7cmxD16cm
Weight 1.4Kg