Integrating and refining the finest loudspeaker technologies available, Kerr Acoustic represents the new benchmark in high-resolution audio reproduction. Combining cutting-edge driver technology with bespoke hand-crafted cabinets, our loudspeakers achieve unmatched levels of detail, clarity, and extension. Whether your requirements are professional or purely for leisure, Kerr Acoustic loudspeakers will bring your listening experience to previously undiscovered levels of accuracy and realism.

Kerr Acoustic K100 mk2

£22,995.00£27,995.00 (inc. VAT)

*Any standard RAL colour lacquer finish available at no extra cost


Our reference loudspeaker – the K100 is a large format three-way design, featuring a twelve-inch Radial™ woofer partnered with a three-inch dome and true ribbon tweeter. Offering an uncompromised frequency response from 16Hz to 45kHz, the K100 is a true reference monitor, designed to set the new standard in professional monitoring and critical listening.

Whether you require a truly compromise-free accurate monitoring solution in your mix/mastering studio, or the ultimate reproduction of fine detail in your personal system, the K100 guarantees a truly accurate and fully extended sonic performance. Constructed exclusively from 24mm Baltic Birch Plywood, the K100 is capable of effortlessly reproducing any program material with total ease and accuracy. The strength and rigidity of the cabinet construction, combined with cutting-edge driver technology allows for uncoloured and vivid musical playback at all listening levels.

Now available with optional raising plinths, for installation in studio environments where additional elevation is needed. These raise the K100s by 30cm and introduce a 5˚ downward tilt, to maintain driver phase alignment.


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Real Wood Veneer, Satin Lacquer*, High Gloss Lacquer*