Stranger High Fidelity

A collection of pieces carefully selected by Cameron Jenkins, an award-winning producer, engineer and label owner.
I am the founder of independent record label, stranger records. My label, production, song writing and musician credits include Lana del Rey, The Verve, John Cale, The Charlatans, Everything but the girl, Lemon Jelly and Badly Drawn Boy.
Stranger High Fidelity is all about how to communicate music in the best possible way. Having spent many years in the great control rooms of the world, I want to share this wealth of experience

The focus is on superb engineering, elegant aesthetics and, above all,  flawless musicality.

This is truly exceptional hi-fi.

My listening room is located in my period home on the northern slopes of Bath. Please call me on 07702 155847 to arrange an appointment.

Stranger High Fidelity offers a level of service that you won’t find on any high street. I work with top audio engineers and acoustic experts to ensure a level of performance in the customer’s home that a record producer would expect in a professional studio.