I keep coming back to pure Class A amplifiers. There’s just something about them. I bought a Sugden A25 in 1985 and it’s still going strong. Once you’ve heard a Sugden you don’t go back.
The Grimm Audio MU1 and MU2 have received stellar reviews and I’m delighted to have them as one of my brands. In my opinion a game-changer in streaming music. Just stunning. I also love their cables and can’t wait to use the CC1 clock in my studio
I’ve been recording and mixing on ATC speakers for the last twenty years. Often regarded as the best studio monitors in the world, the same expertise runs throughout the consumer range. A seamless transition between studio and home
Jim White’s designs, whilst primarily vacuum-tube, are technology agnostic. Bipolar transistors and FETs all have their place and each can achieve stunning results, which they do in these handmade in the USA units. Jim knows a thing or two about digital too, honing his skills at Theta Digital. A master.
I’ve been using Bricasti in the studio for years. They make the best reverb processor and their DACS have always been a favourite. They bring the same level of quality to their amplification. Born In The USA.
"I’ve always loved mavericks in music, design and engineering. Scott Berry is without doubt a maverick. An award winning one. The CAD Ground Controls are “Product of The Year” 2020 in Stereophile magazine, HiFi+ magazine named the DAC 1543 DAC in the top 100 products of the last 20 yers. Scott reinvented the USB cable and makes sublime DACS. His Ground Control units have to be heard to be believed - after which you’ll be loath to live without them. A brief description of what they do (tackle high frequency noise on the signal ground plane) hardly does justice to the pioneering science behind their design, or their significant impact on what you can hear. If you're serious about discovering what your audio system is truly capable of, optimising its grounding should be a key element of your set-up "
Ah,vinyl. We love it. Clearaudio have such a great range of turntables. Fantastically made, awesome sounding. I like to pair mine with a DS audio cartridge. They detect the music signal by capturing shadow changes using LEDs and photocells. Proper Japanese inovation. Love it.
"I wanted a rack that looked great but that didn’t impart any sonic signature to the system. Hokusai are beautiful pieces made by highly skilled cabinet makers. As well as the three standard sizes bespoke options are available.”
I met Jes Kerr a few years ago and am a huge admirer of this young designer. Beautiful sounding loudspeakers, accurate and detailed
MBL. I love these omniphonic loudspeakers. The most natural sounding I have come across, the sound is not radiated on one plane, but over a sphere encompassing 360 degrees, filling the room with a natural balance of direct and reflected sounds. Chief designer Juergen Reis is one of the very best engineers and his electronics are beautifully designed and engineered.
“I have been streaming music for a long time and used many different interfaces and front ends. Roon is without doubt the most elegant and simple solution with a beautifully designed app, and the Nucleus sounds absolutely great. It really is a set up and forget box and does its job effortlessly in the background”