Stranger High Fidelity is a bespoke service run by me, Cameron Jenkins, a record producer, engineer and label owner who has worked with The Verve, John Cale, Lemon Jelly, The Charlatans, Badly Drawn Boy, Everything But The Girl and Lana Del Rey. I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces to create stunning, immersive hifi systems. The focus is on superb engineering and aesthetic but above all musicality.
I have my own space at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, where you are welcome to come and spend some time listening to what I feel gives the most direct and satisfying musical experience, as the artist, producer and engineer intended.
I have spent my life in the music and audio world, starting at Power Plant and Maison Rouge Studios with Sade producer Robin Millar. I worked with The Rolling Stones, Randy Crawford, Erasure and Terence Trent D’Arby and played keyboards and sax on albums by Aztec Camera, Sam Brown, The Fine Young Cannibals and Black.
I run Stranger Records and Music Publishing and have released records by Lana Del Rey, Pixie Geldof, Charlie Jones, Filthy Boy, Penguin Prison, Duke Special, Azusena and Stornoway.
Stranger High Fidelity is about how to communicate music in the best possible way. Having spent a lifetime in control rooms of the great recording studios of the world I want to share that experience at home with you.

My Choices


I love these omniphonic loudspeakers. The most natural sounding I have come across, the sound is not radiated on one plane, but over a sphere encompassing 360 degrees, filling the room with a natural balance of direct and reflected sounds. Chief designer Juergen Reis is one of the very best engineers and his electronics are beautifully designed and engineered.


I’ve been using Bricasti in the studio for years. They make the best reverb processor and their DACS have always been a favourite. They bring the same level of quality to their amplification. Born In The USA.


Room acoustics is critical to me, having lived my life in control rooms. Of course room treatment at home can be a contentious topic and that’s where the Trinnov can be a lifesaver. Even with an optimal room design it can tweak the system to greater heights. Used by a lot of my engineer friends in their studios and and mastering rooms.

Kerr acoustics

I met Jes Kerr a few years ago and am a huge admirer of this young designer. Beautiful sounding loudspeakers, accurate and detailed


Ah vinyl. We all love it. Clearaudio have such a great range of turntables. Fantastically made, awesome sounding. I like to pair mine with a DS Audio Cartridge

DS Audio Cartridge

Truly radical, an optical cartridge. They detect the music signal by capturing shadow changes (brightness changes) using LEDs and photo cells. Proper Japanese innovation. Love it.

Townshend Audio

Max Townshend is a one off. I’ve never been a cable kind of guy until I heard Townshend Audio. They do exactly what I want a cable to do – be invisible. The best. And his Seismic stands are the best too.


Another pro brand that crosses over into the hifi world. They just work. Extremely well. And sound fab.