Stranger High Fidelity are an official CAD seller based in the UK. “I’ve always loved mavericks in music, design and engineering. Scott Berry is without doubt a maverick. An award winning one. The CAD Ground Controls are “Product of The Year” 2020 in Stereophile magazine, HiFi+ magazine named the DAC 1543 DAC in the top 100 products of the last 20 yers. Scott reinvented the USB cable and makes sublime DACS. His Ground Control units have to be heard to be believed – after which you’ll be loath to live without them. A brief description of what they do (tackle high frequency noise on the signal ground plane) hardly does justice to the pioneering science behind their design, or their significant impact on what you can hear. If you’re serious about discovering what your audio system is truly capable of, optimising its grounding should be a key element of your set-up “

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