MBL Integrated Amp C51 [PREOWNED]

£3,500.00 (inc. VAT)

An MBL Corona Line C51 Integrated amplifier finished in black and gold in excellent condition, approximately 15 years old and taken as a trade in when the customer bought an MBL N51.
Original box and packing.
Original Remote Control.
LASA amplifier technology ensures a completely stable amplifier circuit, even under complex loudspeaker loads. By combining the favoured capabilities of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with switch-mode output
topology, LASA delivers the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation, the stable frequency response of Class A / B circuits (even with complex loudspeaker loads), and the high efficiency of a class D amplifier. The result
is a power amplifier circuit that remains completely stable even under the heaviest loads. LASA creates a refined tapestry of outstanding sound, while immersing the listener in an aural wave of notes presented as though from
the actual instrument.

System flexibility with up to 7 analogue inputs
MBL LASA amplifier technology with 2 x 300 watts (4 Ohm)
20 amps peak output current
Speaker load-independent frequency response
MBL Unity Gain input for highest possible dynamics at low distortion
Analogue potentiometer volume control via stepper motor
MBL SmartLink for complete system operation

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Inputs 2 x CD (RCA)
2 x AUX (RCA)
1 x Pass-Through (RCA)
1 x Balanced XLR (Unity Gain)
1 x Phono (optional)
Outputs 1 x Preamplifier (RCA)
1 x Fixed Out / Record Out (RCA)
1 Pair of Loudspeaker Terminals
Other Inputs/Outputs MBL SmartLink
SD slot für updating
Ground terminal for phono
Amplifier section MBL LASA
Music Power 2 x 400 W (2 Ω)
2 x 300 W (4 Ω)
2 x 180 W (8 Ω)
Output Current Max. 20 ampere
Weight 23 kg / 50.7 Ibs