Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable [Pre-owned] *SOLD*

£3,150.00 (inc. VAT)

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Having been meticulously refurbished and serviced by Neil Perry at Raw State I think this is probably the best example available. No expense was spared and it was stripped down to components, ultra sonically bathed, the main bearing and strobe shafts polished. The SME 3009 tonearm was also cleaned and polished and rewired with Cardas 33awg Litz. It really is immaculate.
For me the Hydraulic Reference is without doubt the best looking turntable ever made, and Stanley Kubrick also thought so, featuring it in ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Many things are labelled ‘classic’ that maybe shouldn’t be, but this turntable really is. I have another, slightly later, Michell version that will also soon be restored.
Everyone who sees and hears this beautiful thing falls in love with it.
Currently fitted with a Pickering XSV cartridge but I have a boxed Shure V15 Type III that it could be swapped with.

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